Hello Dance Directors!
My name is Rhonda Sevey, and I’d like to introduce you to our convention series, and competition, Nexus Dance Conventions and Competitions. We are an affordable, smaller event, focusing on an enjoyable learning and performing experience, and we would love to have you join us! At Nexus we strive to have a stress free day for participants, directors, and parents. We do this through careful faculty and staff selection and meticulous organization of our event. Our teachers and judges have national credentials, working professionally around the world, and have all taught in studio settings as well. They know what it takes to prepare a group for convention and competition, and they know what you, as directors, would like your dancers to get out of an event. The convention setting gives them a chance to work closely with your students, connecting with them at a personal level and contributing to their dance education in a positive manner. Critiques from competition performances are compassionate and encouraging in nature; praising what went right, and offering concrete suggestions for improvement. You will never be embarrassed to play a critique from Nexus.

Nexus is organized to the last detail, and we take pride in running an event that is on time and stress free. Convention classes progress smoothly through the day, and culminate in a scholarship audition class that is open to family and friends. Competitions are run by a backstage manager who works with scheduling concerns; and a director and composite staff who are there to ensure a smooth finish to your day. We feature personalized awards for each entry, and scholarships are awarded to outstanding performers at every Nexus event.

We are excited to announce our new VIP faculty program this season. In each convention city, we will feature one or more additional faculty members who are notable members of the professional dance industry. Come dance with your Nexus favorites, along with these exceptional talents.

We hope you will join us this season at one or more of our exciting events. Our tour schedule is available on our website, and online registration is open now.

Thank you for considering our events this year. We know you have many choices and look forward to honoring the trust you place in us when you attend a Nexus event. Come be inspired!
Have a great day!

Rhonda Sevey
Nexus Dance Conventions and Competitions