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2020 Rules and Regulations

· All teachers, participants and observers agree to conduct themselves in a manner displaying good sportsmanship. Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification and possible removal from facility.

· All contestants must be appropriately attired. Tops must be worn AT ALL TIMES (regardless of gender). Failure to comply will result in a maximum deduction of 15 points. Further refusal of participation will result in the loss of any entry fees, awards, or financial obligations on the part of Nexus Dance Conventions and Competitions.

· Performers and teachers grant permission to use performer/performance photographs and video footage for advertising and promotional purposes.

· Video recording of students other than your own studio is prohibited, for the protection of choreography. Noncompliance will result in confiscation of recording and disqualification.

· Flash photography is permitted.

· Props 8’ and under are permitted. Props must not damage marley flooring. A time limit of 2:00 minutes will be allowed for the setup and strike of props. A deduction of 15 points will result from noncompliance. Nexus reserves the right to reject any prop due to safety or property concerns. 

· Pyramids are not allowed in any category. A pyramid is considered more than two bases, holding more than one flyer, in the same stunt.

· The use of mini-trampolines and springboards is prohibited.

· Choreography that is considered inappropriate for family audiences will incur an automatic 15 point deduction, will be subject to disqualification, and will not be eligible for cash awards. This is entirely at the discretion of Nexus judges and administrative staff. 

· All routines not competing in the acro category may contain a maximum of three (3) acro passes.

· Participation in any Nexus event is at your own risk. Registration acknowledges a parent release for all activities. Additionally, registration allows use of photos or recordings for promotional purposes. 

· Nexus often runs ahead of schedule. Please be prepared to perform one hour prior to your scheduled time. Everyone must be ready to compete when their number is called. There can be no delays to the show due to dancers rehearsing when they are supposed to be on stage. Every effort has been made in the program to provide adequate time for costume changes. We will work with serious conflicts; however, we expect to stay in order and on schedule. Failure to perform on time risks point deduction and possible disqualification. 



Routine Accompaniment: 

Each studio should provide all music on a single memory stick, and Nexus will download it at the event. Please place songs in performance order, clearly titled with entry number, studio name, and routine name. 



Entry Deadline: To insure availability, entries must be entered by the event registration date. Nexus reserves the right to cancel any event that does not qualify with a minimum number of acceptable entries. In the event this should occur, all entry fees will be refunded. Payments received after the registration date will not be eligible for rebates or discounts under any circumstances. 



Entry Fees: Credit cards are accepted and incur a 3% processing fee. Checks should be made to Nexus Dance Competitions. NSF of $30 will apply. 


Refunds: Fees are non-refundable for events that qualify with the minimum number of acceptable entries required by Nexus. No cash refunds will be issued. 


Schedule: Five days prior to competition, a time schedule and directions to the locations will be sent to all studios.


Facility: Please respect our facility by leaving dressing areas clean and orderly. Food is prohibited in the dressing rooms. No costume changes in public bathrooms. Smoking is prohibited in all competition and dressing areas. GLITTER IS 100% PROHIBITED. A $250 FINE WILL BE IMPOSED. 


Nexus reserves the right to add additional competition days, or to move the competition location due to unforeseen circumstances. 


Routine Divisions

· Solo

· Duet/Trio

· Small Group (4-9 performers)

· Large Group (10-18 performers)

· Line (19 or more performers)

· Production (Extended Time) 


**Soloists may perform a maximum of three (3) solos**

**The same performer (s) cannot compete more than once in exactly the same division and category. If the routine does not consist of the exact same performer (s), dancers may compete in the exact same division and category**


Competitor Levels

Novice Competitors:  Those with 3 hours or less of studio instruction per week and participating in their first or second year of competition. The novice category will be awarded one overall top score cash award.

Intermediate Competitors: Those with 4 to 5 hours of studio instruction per week and participating in at least their third year of competition. 

Advanced Competitors: Those with 6 or more hours per week of studio instruction and participating in at least their third year of competition. 


Age Divisions

4 and under, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18, 19-20, 21 & over. 

Age divisions may be divided at the discretion of the director. 

The 15-16 year old division consists of performers in the teen and senior category. 

Teens and seniors are divided for overall award purposes only. 

When the average age ends in .5 or above, the age is rounded up. 

Names, ages, and birthdates of all performers are required. 

Performers will be responsible for producing proof of age. 

Age is determined as of date of competition.

Youngest performer must be in choreography for at least 50% of routine. 

Age protest must be presented in writing to the director within 30 minutes of protested routine and prior to awards presentation. 


Overall Age Divisions

8 & under Minis

9-12 Junior

13-15 Teen

16 & up Senior


Time Limits

Solos 2:45

Duo / Trios & Small Groups 3:00

Large Groups 4:00

Lines 5:00

Production 9:00 

Super Extended Production:  9:01-12:00


Entry Fees

Solo $95.00

Duet / Trio: $42.00 per dancer

Small Group / Large Group / Line: $34.00

Production (extended time): $36.00 (up to 9:00) 

Super Extended Time for Production: $38.00 (up to 12:00) No entry over 12 minutes will be accepted.


· Credit cards are accepted, but incur a 3% processing fee. Checks should be made to Nexus Dance Competitions. 

· All entry forms and full payment must be submitted at the same time. 

· Entries must be entered on or before the closing date to be eligible for rebates. 

· Entries are not guaranteed or approved until full payment is received. 

· One bank check or money order per studio. 

· All NSF checks will incur a $30.00 charge. 

· NO CASH REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. Studio credits may be issued and are good for one year. 


Categories (All categories are available in both the Novice and Advanced divisions)

Acro/Gymnastics: a routine demonstrating gymnastics ability, controlled acrobatic moves involving balance and flexibility, and incorporated with dance technique and choreography. Flips/twists greater than one rotation are prohibited.

Ballet: a routine that consists of ballet technique including classical steps and movements. (Ballet slippers only).

Pointe: a routine demonstrating primarily Pointe work, including classical steps and movements. (Pointe shoes only).

Musical Theater / Character: a routine in which a character is portrayed and recognized throughout the routine, such as musicals, movies, genres, etc., and incorporated with dance technique and choreography.

Song & Dance: Performers will be judged on both singing and dancing ability. No lead vocals on tape. You may not use any of your own sound equipment. Nexus will provide one microphone. 

Folkloric: a routine consisting of traditional ethnic styles of dance. 

Hip Hop: a routine that consists of hip hop, pop & lock, funk, stomp or street style dance to music that is not offensive and using moves that are family friendly. 

Jazz: a routine primarily demonstrating jazz technique.

Modern: an interpretive dance routine consisting of modern lines and technique. 

Contemporary: a routine consisting of contemporary dance styles.

Lyrical: a routine demonstrating lyrical technique including extension, balance, and emotional interpretation. 

Open: a routine demonstrating any dance style or combination of dance styles from any of the listed categories or combined with any other form of dance not listed.

Tap:  a routine comprised of tap technique and steps. 

Clogging: a routine using traditional clogging styles and technique. 

Pom: pom pons must be used for a minimum of 80% of routine. 

Student Choreography: a routine initiated and created entirely by the student. **NEW


Scoring and Awards 

Nexus Performance Awards: Each routine will be judged using a point based system. 

High Platinum 292-300 

Platinum 280-291 

High Gold 270-279

Gold 260-269 

Silver 250-259

Bronze 249 and below 


Top Score Awards: Will be determined for each age division and category against the point system. Each entry will receive a medal placement. This includes the Student Choreography Category. 

Best Overall Awards: Overall placements will be awarded to the highest scores in the Junior, Teen, and Senior age divisions in the Solo, Duet/Trio, Small Group, Large Group, and Line divisions. 

Student Choreography will receive a Top Three overall score placement independent of the Best Overall Awards. The top Student Choreography number will receive a $100.00 cash prize. 


· Minimum entries (5) must be received in a division for cash prizes to be awarded. 

· Performers will be judged by a panel of previously selected professional judges. All competitors agree that the decisions of the judges are final and the method of judging the competition will be solely within the discretion of Nexus Dance Conventions and Competitions.


· Audio critiques, judges’ score sheets, and routine music will be available after each awards ceremony. These items will not be available after the competition date for any city.


High Point Routines Receive Scholarships and Cash Awards: 

Solo: Scholarship to Nexus Convention

Duo / Trio: $50.00

Small Group: $75.00

Large Group: $100.00

Line & Production: $125.00

**All cash prizes are awarded to the studio.

**Checks will be distributed at the event. 


There is no charge for admission to any Nexus Competition. We invite everyone to enjoy the show!



652 North Orchard Drive

Orem, UT 84057